7 February 2010


Scrapscene is all about who is doing what and where in the world (and I do mean the world literally) of papercrafting.  A great place to start a Sunday afternoon winding through some of the most amazing sites and checking out what is new.  The daily posts can be checked out and managed easily.  I like keeping on top of things and this makes it easy.

Red Lead Paperworks check out the free techniques, another site with a vintage feel that inspires me.

Peachy Cheap, I've been "peachy keen" on this one.  A good place to load up on inexpensive basics and embellishments.  No not the latest lines but I've found a lot of old favorites here.  I did lots of shopping here when I was housebound on medical leave.  The postage is relatively inexpensive and all of my packages arrived intact.

I will try not to add too many links and to change them up once in awhile.  The endless lists of links I often see on sites just gives me a headache!

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