25 April 2012


Arrived home to a pile of happy mail!  These are what I received in Tabitha's Vintage Children Mini Card swap - so sweet!  And I was tickled to receive these little bits of art!

From top left to right from;  Charlotte Fern, Joy Northrop, Sheryl Rubio, Tabby (middle), Janet G, Allison Kissling and Lesley Dupont!  Where I had the information I have linked each of the artists to their blogs - do go and have a look!

20 April 2012


Moving a bit north for the end of my week in the Okanagan.  Couldn't resist trying to capture the pristine perfectness of a newly in bloom Dogwood (BC's official flower!).  Truly lovely and such a short time to enjoy!

A bit of time snooping around some local antique spots ...some of the number of Victorian Cartes de Visite (smaller cabinet cards) I picked up and a vintage photo which I expect is from the '50s.  Anyone born in or around that decade will recognize the style.  Not sure how I feel about recognizing what could be my own photo as vintage, retro or collectible LOL

I was thrilled to find this piece.  A salesmans' calendar background sample from around the turn of the century..it is in nearly perfect shape.  You can't really tell but tree is heavy with German glass glitter which being over 100 years old has that rich dark patina we adore.  No idea about a project for this one.. got any ideas?

19 April 2012


The early view from my window this morning, I am in Penticton BC on the southern tip of Okanagan Lake and looking north.   The water is smooth as glass not a ripple to be seen - or a hint of the Ogopogo!  (Shawn I hadn't thought about him in years..mavelous background for a journal page!)

Monday I drove from Penticton to Oliver passing through Vaseux Lake (all in the southern end of the Okanagan Valley).

Lots of pictures available on the internet, here are a couple off a tourist and travel site;

This area is protected for wildlife and well known for a local herd of Big Horned Sheep.

Oliver now claims to be the Wine Capital of Canada.  Honestly I don't drink wine but do know that wineries up and down the Okanagan Valley have been producing award winning varieties.  Lots of folks head to the Okanagan to make a holiday of the winery tours, enjoy the lake beaches and scenery.  


18 April 2012


This week I am working in the Okanagan Valley of BC.  Oh it is a tough assignment LOL  A string of lakes from one end to the other.  I drove from Victoria on Saturday.  This would be a holiday trip for many - start with a ferry crossing through the Gulf Islands, a bit of a tangle through Vancouver admittedly but then into the green of the Fraser Valley, up into the foothills and a spectacular drive through the mountains on the Hope Princeton Highway, down into the spectacular Okanagan Valley.  I didn't stop and take pictures, thought I could pick up better ones on the internet.  I will take some on my way back.  Before moving to Victoria, we lived in the Okanagan and in fact this where my mom, brother and I settled from the US.

On my way to Vernon, I stopped just between Kelowna and Vernon to take this picture of Kalamalka Lake.   Phone camera but still captured the clouds reflected in the water.

I have based myself in Penticton for most of the week.    Here is a commercial shot which shows the hotel and south beach area of Okanagan Lake, which I believe is the longest of the lakes.

This end of the lake is one of the few breeding areas for the Hooded Merganser duck, they are a common sight here and attract quite a number of "birders".

8 April 2012


I have had such a block about working in SMALL!  But I had so much fun doing the Vintage Children mini card swap and the theme this time is bunnies (Tabby's Place)- well I just have to give this one a whirl also.  So here is what I have done so far;   background image from The Chocolate Bunny on Etsy, the rabbit head is vintage German Scrap from Dresden Paper Crafts, the checkered paper is G45 and all are edged with Platinum Stickles..


Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend!  Hope you are all doing what makes your heart content.  A favourite image of mine just now, you can find it at The Chocolate Rabbit on Etsy.  (Please don't copy, you won't get a good resolution as I have adjusted it.)

7 April 2012


My version of the inspiration provided by Nancy James Maxwell, if you aren't familiar with her work and SugarLump Studios...oh you are in for a treat!  A generous artist she often provides all you need to create your very own project.

Again the image I have used is from PaperWhimsy, 4" peat pot from a local nursery, a bit of floral foam (I do despise working with that stuff but nothing works better for this LOL), paper covered wire (a new discovery), a paper doily, shredded Easter grass, coloured cheesecloth, vintage millinery flowers, seam binding and my favourite Platinum and Pink Stickles. 

4 April 2012


I am so having fun with the swaps hosted by JoAnne of The Vintage Dragonfly.  I sent my creation for this swap to Kimberley of artJOYstuff.  Do check out both of their blogs for a huge dose of inspiration!  With all of the this and that going on with me these days, I didn't take a picture of my Easter matchbox before I sent it off - so the pictures (and they are better than I would do!) are courtesy of Kimberley!

We were to use the large 250 count boxes, create an Easter themed scene inside and decorate the outside cover.  The outside..

The inside ..I used a vintage postcard from my collection for the background, tucked  colored cheesecloth around the edges to simulate straw, used fussy cut chicks from another card to add dimension, added vintage millinery flowers and a lot of glitter!  For a bit of extra I put in teeny chenille chicks, a basket charm and a Purdy's (a well known BC purveyor of fine chocolate!) chocolate.