20 April 2012


Moving a bit north for the end of my week in the Okanagan.  Couldn't resist trying to capture the pristine perfectness of a newly in bloom Dogwood (BC's official flower!).  Truly lovely and such a short time to enjoy!

A bit of time snooping around some local antique spots ...some of the number of Victorian Cartes de Visite (smaller cabinet cards) I picked up and a vintage photo which I expect is from the '50s.  Anyone born in or around that decade will recognize the style.  Not sure how I feel about recognizing what could be my own photo as vintage, retro or collectible LOL

I was thrilled to find this piece.  A salesmans' calendar background sample from around the turn of the century..it is in nearly perfect shape.  You can't really tell but tree is heavy with German glass glitter which being over 100 years old has that rich dark patina we adore.  No idea about a project for this one.. got any ideas?


  1. Lovely photos and great finds! Have fun and stay safe, Valerie

  2. That's a beautiful background, wow, I don't have any ideas but I know you'll come up with something wonderful!! It's really a gorgeous little piece of art all by itself! Sweet cabinet cards, too!

  3. Wow. What a gorgeous tree! I would love to read underneath it. I enjoy your photo so much. TFS.:))


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