23 May 2014


This month's project is all about creating a base image with scraps from magazine pages and then using washi tapes, medium or heavy body acrylic paints mostly to define your creation.  (click here to check out "The Art Society") .

I joined this group to learn new skills, discover what I could do to hone what skills I might have and generally stretch.  This one was a stretch for me.  Of course no practise project first!  And I could have chosen a single bloom as my start but no I decided on a bouquet :)  My daughter has already claimed this one so I will likely give it another go.

This was my inspiration picture.

I loved all the texture in this one.

6 May 2014


I look so forward to the monthly project videos I receive from Christy Tomlinson's "The Art Society", do check it out!

The March techniques were all about "saving" canvases that didn't make the grade.  I adore both of these  8x8 canvases now, the first is hanging in my dining room and the second is going to a DIL who fell in love with it.

April!!!  I am still creating different versions of the April project.   8x10 canvas