21 March 2012


I am so missing time in my ``studio``!  Is it too much to start calling the room in which I stash (sort, reorganize and dream over) all of my supplies and actually create in.. my studio..hmm  I am away from home for work so often that I really do try and make the most of where ever I am..so in quite a contrast from my previous post here is the view from my hotel window this week.  Modern and beautiful in it`s own way.


If you have been following me for a bit, you know that when I am not posting frequently that WORK has been interfering with ART!

This image is a family piece and was given to my grandfather in July 1900.  Perfect for some spring inspiration don't you think?  The file has been cleaned up by my friend Heather and prints out perfectly.

Another version for you to use..

3 March 2012


Have you visited Tabby's Swaps! yet?  Her first swap is for mini cards (1x3) featuring vintage children.  

For my first set I used images from PaperWhimsy "Beautiful Faces", a favourite at the moment!  Scans of Victoria scrap from my own collection.  The names?   It was a very popular Victorian trend to give girls "flower" names.  In fact my grandmother born in 1892 was Violet Rose.  I did the distressed embossing technique using Tea Dye Distress Ink to give that rusty old look.  A gilt edge on each for a bit of Victorian elegance.



This 1911 card is a favourite of mine, I love the deep background and the duckling walking in his golden egg!   Take an Easter break from the typical pastels.

I am not sure what interest these kittens have LOL

2 March 2012


All three of these pieces of German Scrap are from the 1890's.


This lightly embossed thin paper card is from the 1880's and predates the mainstream use of postcards though it is that size.  There isn't any advertising, I am not sure if it was meant to be handed out or traded like scrap.  A sweet image typical of  it's time.  For anyone who is new to picking up images from me, they are as I have found them.  All of the wear, tear and loving handling  has been left alone.

An Easter calling card 

Something sweet!

1 March 2012


I do love my job though it does interfere in my crafting schedule quite often!  Which makes me cranky and then I need to remember the first part.  It's particularly hectic right now as I am travelling every week.  It helps to stop sometimes and just look at where I am, enjoy the moment.

In mid-January I shared a picture of a snowy morning in Victoria, looking out across the inner Harbour towards the Empress.  Just a few weeks later..it's a misty foggy morning which makes all the lights twinkle, looking out at the same view..the inner harbour and marina, the top of the Empress and the old Steamship Co building in the foreground.  What a marvelous city I live in.

Sometimes one just lucks out.  If I had to be in a hotel for a stretch..well who wouldn't enjoy this! The Hotel Vancouver.  So many nooks and crannies to explore, the old hotel is a favourite.

Another week, another hotel.  Find the beauty.  From the balcony of the Regency Hyatt in Vancouver, looking down Burrard St to the water.  The cityscape was spectacular.

This post is really just for me.  A reminder to find the beauty around me.  To remember how fortunate I am.  Hope you are all having a great week.