One of the Bella Creations groups that I moderate is "The Impressionists" where we take on a collage project each month.  In April we created an Alphabet, with different artists doing individual letters.  Everyone had the freedom to do as they pleased.  I provided everyone with the same pennant pattern to work on which tied it all together.  I am so pleased to share this with you.  I adore the work and know you will too!

A and B created by JannyBee

C and D - created by me!  Sandi McLean

E and F - created by Carol S

G and H - created by Innes

I and J - created by Chriss

K and L - created by Marilyn

M and N - created by Sharon

o - coming  P- created by Carol S   Q - created by me! 

R - created by Starr   S - created by Heather

T - created by Marlene   U - created by Marilyn

V- created by Marlene   W - created by  Paperdoll

X - created by Paperdoll   Y- created by Georgie

Z created by JannyBee

If you want to recreate this for yourself, click on each image and then save.  Print out, adhere to heavy cardstock, use a punch to cut holes at the right and left corners and string together.  Use some of your own embellishments to add dimension.  Enjoy!  Thank you again everyone, it was a pleasure to create with you!!  Hugs!


  1. Beautiful! That was a lot of fun!

  2. beautiful creations from everybody. I will definitely be printing these off so that I can admire them an perhaps gain some inspiration.

  3. These are just beautiful. Such inspiration. Such talent.


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