17 August 2014


I'm busily working my way through a pad of K&Co fall themed paper that I bought last year.  Pumpkins, apples, gourds and mums..all just around the corner!

I'm using many of the tips and techniques offered by Roben-Marie Smith in this class and beginning to feel that I am building up a solid base for myself in this new venture.  My vintage photo of a young boy in overalls and holding a rake is the perfect finishing touch, I'm tickled to share him this way.  I have enclosed him in a glassine envelope so that his image can be reused by the recipients.

I used large expandable mailers for the larger two, creating a divided storage file the recipient could use. After doing four, I used those scraps to do a block/quilt look on the 5th one.  That makes me feel clever, reducing the scraps as I go.

Thanks for having a look!

12 August 2014


One of the modules in Roben-Marie Smith's workshop "You've Got Mail....Art" is about creating mail art using a catalogue as the base.  Truthfully the idea didn't grab me but I had some garden catalogues and thought I would give it a go.  I really like the result!

The base or substrate is a Vesey Fall Bulbs catalogue, I have used white gesso, a Hero Arts paint dauber in Neon Yellow, fine black and pink Montana Acrylic markers and created the mailing labels with underpapers from another project.  I also created a large tag to write on when I send this piece off.  I will fill the envelope when I know who it is going to and stitch around the sides of both the envelope and tag.

10 August 2014


A group of us enrolled in Christie Tomlinson's "The Art Society" have joined together and had several swaps.  One of our earlier swaps was sharing information about where we live through post cards, maps etc. From the beginning I thought this was perfect for putting together a a paper bag album.

I have put together a simple album; allowing two "pages" for each "hometown".  The first is covered with plain card stock featuring a postcard, the second is covered with a piece of the map.  I have put any extra brochures card etc into the paper bag for creating additional embellishment later.

The front and back covers I have done "art journal" style i.e. lots of layering with paint, stencils, paint pens and my (now) stock white and black doodle pens.  I have created the background on canvas paper, I love the additional texture it provides and the feel of it...more like a real bound book.  The title sits atop a label made from the underpaper I worked on.  Tip:  I have learnt to scan my original artwork backgrounds for printing out and using on projects later, making the most of my efforts.

7 August 2014


This is a workshop offered by Roben-Marie Smith at Every Life Has A Story.

This piece is created from a plain gift bag and has been folded and covered so that the recipient can unfold and use the gift bag.  Clever!  I adore the "reuseability".

Folded, sealed and ready to be covered and addressed.

The altered gift bag.  The handles are folded down to be enclosed in the final steps.  This is a scan so you don't see the dimension.


I'm still head over heels for creating a stash of mail art!  The "Create It, Mail It, Alter It" workshop from the artists at "Art to the 5th" are so talented!  I am finding the creation of mail art pieces is a productive and useful way of learning new techniques to use in my art journaling.  This is stretching me in ways that I never thought I would be interested in.

A second take for me on Lorraine Bell's project from the workshop, created from a piece left over from the first one.  Gotta love that!

My take on Roben-Marie Smith's project.  Back actually.

Front.  I will wrap this in clear covering and address that as I didn't want to cover anything up.  The piece on the end is a small envelope that has been added and does open to a small compartment.


I posted here what I created for my swap partner Luna Lilly for this Vintage Dragonfly Swap, this is the beautiful creation I received.  Isn't it sweet!