7 August 2014


I'm still head over heels for creating a stash of mail art!  The "Create It, Mail It, Alter It" workshop from the artists at "Art to the 5th" are so talented!  I am finding the creation of mail art pieces is a productive and useful way of learning new techniques to use in my art journaling.  This is stretching me in ways that I never thought I would be interested in.

A second take for me on Lorraine Bell's project from the workshop, created from a piece left over from the first one.  Gotta love that!

My take on Roben-Marie Smith's project.  Back actually.

Front.  I will wrap this in clear covering and address that as I didn't want to cover anything up.  The piece on the end is a small envelope that has been added and does open to a small compartment.


  1. I love this! I just created my very first mail art piece from robin-marie smith's free tut video! I'm thinking of taking this class as well! After seeing what you've created, I'm going to sign up. Thank you for sharing!


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