23 January 2013


For this first 2013 swap from Vintage Dragonfly we were to think soft wintry images and pack the inside with winter inspiration.  Using white, off white, cream, ecru, beige as our main colour scheme.  We could use touches of soft, warm, muted colours and bits of silver.My swap partner this time is JoAnne herself and yes this does make me nervous LOL

I knew the image I wanted to use, it is from one of my own vintage postcards dated 1908.  It's inscribed "New Year Greetings, To Baby Verna, From Dodo.  I am drawn more to the Edwardian style and decorative arts than Victorian.

The young girl in my image is holding what looks like a huge bouquet of lilac hydrangea so that was obviously my muted colour ..ok so I took liberty on the palette but I couldn't control myself.   I covered the image in sugar beads and the rest of the matchbox cover in a silvery pale lilac paper.  The inside and outer ends, I covered with a rich flocked plum paper, the edges all covered in silvery or lilac Stickles.  I added a sheer cream ribbon, touched with silver Stickles around the outside.  I really like the lush and elegant look and decided not to add anything else.

It has arrived and I received a lovely note from JoAnne this morning.  If you aren't familiar with the Vintage Dragonfly do check it out!

22 January 2013


I have shared a great number of images of my own Valentine's here in the past, a number of those posts were taken down when I was trying to resolve some site issues.   So if you have been following me for sometime you may see images that you have already saved as I try to add them back.  I have added the Label feature (look a bit further down on the right side) so you can easily find what is available.

This is a new image, a sweet little chickee that I found this last weekend at a local flea market.  Enjoy!

20 January 2013


Meet Bess and Kate on a rare day in the city and on their own!  Maybe this gets the stories going for you also.   I think this might make the perfect girlfriend card.. or two..  


I just adore the angle this little one is holding her arm at and did you spot that foot turned to the inside? She is definitely loving the whole photography session LOL   I have left a bit of room around the outside so if you want to duplicate as a cabinet card, it is all there for you.  Don't forget to right click on this image and save the next one for the best resolution.

13 January 2013


Our project challenge this month is to build our holiday stash creating tags (see January 12th post).  I am sharing another idea that you can create in just a few steps and I hope using what you have on hand. I hope to provide inspiration and encourage you to let your own ideas flow!

I am not a "birder" but I think this shape is at least like a swallow LOL

I glued vintage sheet music  on the front and back of a sheet of plain cardstock, traced the pattern with a pencil and cut it out.  I marked the pattern for you with placements for both a hole to hang the tag and where to put an eye :)  I used Enamel Accent in black for the eye, edged this one in gold stickles and used Walnut Stain Distress Ink (the next ones I used Vintage Paper Distress Ink which is light and seems like the obvious choice after the fact!).  A bit of gold rick rack for the ribbon hanger.


In my stash I have a booklet of labels from the French General, I used one on the back to provide a bit of clear writing space.

Here is the pattern template for you, don't forget to right click and save the 2nd larger image. I printed out the pattern out once but sized it so that 4 would fit on an 8" x 10" which makes a nice size for a simple tag.  I am going to try a couple at twice this size, I think they would make a pretty spectacular treatment for gift wrapping.  Have fun and be sure to show off all your ideas!


12 January 2013


Welcome to CHRISTMAS IN THE BANK!  What you ask is this all about?  My idea is based on the Christmas Club savings programs I recall as a child, a few cents (maybe it was a dollar or so, I am not that old!) were put away each month throughout the year for the holidays.

If you are like me there never seems to be enough to time to do all of the crafty sweet bits that I would love to do for the holidays.  I rarely start early enough to feel comfortable with what I have on hand.  Having the basics done so that we can enjoy making time for special projects without all the stress is the goal.

There are no monthly prizes, we are all winners in this challenge!  Of course there is a blog button for participants, please link it back here.  If you need the coding email me (see the button on the right) and I will send it along.

Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions!  I will attempt to keep the rules to a minimum and processes simple!

On the 12th of each month I will share some ideas and offer a challenge to motivate you in building your holiday stash and having your own CHRISTMAS IN THE BANK when December rolls around.  To participate leave a comment on the monthly post with a link to your blog.  If you don't have a blog, use Flickr or another site, email me a picture of your project and I will add it to the post for you.

Your first challenge is to create at least a dozen tags!  What?  Remember the goal here is to build our basic holiday stash.  Nothing too complicated or technique heavy - keep it simple!

I want a stack of tags for tying onto goodie bags for the neighbours or small gifts.  I also love using what I have on hand.  I have sorted through my vintage Christmas cards (nothing to precious) and using a 3" tag punch, punched out the small scenes inside or on the back of the cards and some blanks to adhere on for a bit of stability.  I have done the same with my stash of old photos - love the New Years party scenes!  I inked the edges with (what else?) Vintage Photo Distress Ink.  I have also edged mine with a fine line of Stickles.

Tip:  holding up your project, put the Stickles nozzle right on the edge of your project and keeping the pressure even "scratch" along the edge to get a fine line.  This will give you some sweet sparkle and take hardly any time to dry.

Vintage not your style?  Use the holiday cards you received this year.  Take a look at your own photo stash, those that really aren't "scrapable" but you have been reluctant to part with might make a great tag.  Put your crafty creative cap on and share your ideas.

3 January 2013


If you aren't familiar with Alph Stamps you are in for a treat - more art, collage and stamp supplies than you can imagine in the shop, a blog full of inspiration and a swap group!

I used the Apha Stamps "Gnomes and Birds" collage sheets as my focus on these 4x4 coasters.  I have layered the coasters with "SnowDay" pp from Reminisce (glittery blue and white), Salty Blue Distress Ink, Snow Tex and cool highlights ultrafine glitter.  The images are highlighted with various glitter pens and the edges are finished with Opal Liquid Pearl.

1 January 2013


Would you also like to have your crafty "Christmas In the Bank" when the holiday season starts this year?  Join me on the 12th of each month as we build a holiday stash.   Bags, tags and all manner of decor, we will create it all through out the year.  When December comes, you will have "Christmas In the Bank" and the time to enjoy it all.  There will be a themed challenge each month but we are all winners in building our "Christmas In the Bank".  There will be a blog badge/button for all participants.  Hope to see you on the 12th of January as we start our "Christmas Bank Countdown"!


My warmest wishes to all of you for a new year filled with health, happiness and creativity!

Please enjoy a few favourites from my vintage postcard collection.  Remember to right click on the image and save the larger image for the best resolution.  Enjoy!

Postmarked 1908

Postmarked 1910

French is the official 2nd language in Canada.