1 January 2013


Would you also like to have your crafty "Christmas In the Bank" when the holiday season starts this year?  Join me on the 12th of each month as we build a holiday stash.   Bags, tags and all manner of decor, we will create it all through out the year.  When December comes, you will have "Christmas In the Bank" and the time to enjoy it all.  There will be a themed challenge each month but we are all winners in building our "Christmas In the Bank".  There will be a blog badge/button for all participants.  Hope to see you on the 12th of January as we start our "Christmas Bank Countdown"!


  1. This sounds like a great idea! Valerie

  2. Oh Sandi I love this idea and invitation. Thank you very much. I really need to work toward Christmas all year long and this will be such a joy to participate. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. I'll be back tomorrow to check it out. Thanks for leaving a comment at UPA. I love "House of Helene"!!!!


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