30 October 2012


It's time again for legitimate peeking and snooping!  Dropping in on craft sisters around the globe.  For some light hearted fun and good ole nosiness check out the action at  WOYWW  #177 !

Upper left and then clockwise;  a Victorian banner piece I am working on for a swap,  hotfix fibers that I have had for ages (totally forgotten, now found and under consideration), the red tin holds my Stickles and Liquid Pearls, gel pens I was testing and then some Halloween tags I am stringing onto some chocolate pumpkin pops for the kiddies on our crescent.

Not finished but here is a quick scan of the Victorian banner piece.  I have used sugar beads on the image which give it a soft rich look IRL.

Happy WOYWW everyone!  Hope to get around to see many of you this week!

29 October 2012


This week it's a colour challenge - purple, green, orange and black.  It took me a bit to figure out how I would do this and still use the vintage images that I so love.   This image just about had it all, the dark area in the night sky was almost purple!  Double mats with purple and sparkly green, purple and violet Stickles on the edges, a few more Stickles in the jack-o-lantern face and stars..perfect!  More sparkly IRL!!

It's been a fun month of Halloween postcards at Sunday Postcard Art with special hostess Kris Dickinson, thanks so much!  

28 October 2012


The theme this month at Inspiration Emporium is "Spooktacular" and they are looking for Halloween home decor.  Why have I only just found this LOL   I am entering this little bit and who knows perhaps I still have time for another project!  There are some fun and amazing entries, do have a look!

I started by spraying a 4" peat pot with Dylusions Black Marble and cutting oasis (floral foam) to fit snugly inside.  Used a chenille stem to create a handle.  I ruffled black crepe paper to create a flounce around the top, adhered some pumpkin ribbon around the middle of the flounce and edged the crepe with Platinum (my fav) Stickles.   The lace and button flower I had in my stash, it was backed with a black crepe paper rosette, I made a larger purple crepe paper rosette to set behind that.  I used Platinum and Purple Stickles for highlights here.   The gold Dresden Halloween  word I got from Paper Valise.  I "fluffed and fooled" with some orange dyed cheesecloth and adhered that with dst to the oasis.  Fussy cut my image, Deviant Scrap, adhered that to a small craft stick which I stuck through the cheesecloth into the oasis.  A bit of purple seam binding for a simple bow and that's it!

Inspired by Nancy Maxwell James' "Peat Pot Pretties".  I plan on doing variations for all of the holidays!

23 October 2012

WOYWW (Whats on your workdesk Wednesday)

Time to go visiting crafty sisters around the globe once again!  It's great fun to see what projects are on the go and to have a good snoop around crafty spaces, it's a license to peek in!  Check out the fun at Stamping Ground!

Experimenting with some winged sugar skulls, inspired by a project at PaperWhimsey and images I bought from Phenomenon 1859.  Using some H20s, Inktense pencils and markers.   The cigar box holds my stash of sequins.  Love cigar boxes, I have a stack of them to hold various bits and pieces.  Just bought several packages of Tim's bottle brush trees off of Blitsy (a discount supply site with current items at super prices).

I rarely close these closet doors, I am one of those crafters who really needs to see what I have or I totally forget about it.  Doesn't work well with my alter ego which needs to be compulsively organized and tidy!


I`m late this week...for everything actually LOL  I am thinking everyone has those weeks.

The theme this week at Sunday Postcard Art (where it is Halloween all month!) is Retro!  Struggled a bit with this one.  I was going for a 50s look, I used to call it  ``starlight`` as I had this impression of motel and restaurant signs with ``star names`` and images.   Pin ups seemed perfect.  These images are all from GeckoGalz.   I love orange and red for Halloween, so keeping it simple I used red and orange hued cardstock and Stickles.

22 October 2012


Artful Times  is a new challenge blog - have you checked them out yet?  A new challenge every second week.  This time it is Fur or Feathers (or both).  I have chosen both.   Still immersed in Halloween, it's like this every year LOL  I will do Halloween until it's past and then have trouble letting go.

I picked up this little metal stand a couple of years ago at a favourite local gift store.  It's easy to change the postcard for the season.  The vintage card is part of a set I purchased from Vintage Image Craft.

I particularly liked the mauve black shadows on this image and played that up with a mauve printed background.  I covered the entire piece with "sugar beads" and then highlighted the black mat with purple Stickles.  Played up the same shades on my vintage style chenille figure.

21 October 2012


I have had this black chipboard mini in my stash for ages, it finally called out to me LOL   The pictures are all from a Thanksgiving (October in Canada) visit to one of our daughter's.  The papers and trims are bits and scraps from my stash.  There were 6 separate boards but I have adhered each of two together making it a bit more sturdy for little fingers.  I have kept this simple with hopefully interesting bits for the kids and not so "precious" that they can't touch.  Actually I can imagine at least one of them toting this around the house and maybe to bed LOL

The fronts

The backs


The last of the images from my vintage German puzzle blocks.

18 October 2012


Fitting for the season!  This first image is a jpeg or picture file and will print out with the background shown.

This second image has been converted to a gif file (thanks again Ms Heather!) and the background will be whatever you print it out on.


It's 2:30 in the am and I can't sleep, seems like a good time for a post!  Another story book illustration from my set of vintage German picture blocks.

I remember this story from my own reading as a child.  Grimms'  Fairytales and such, the more "grimm" and gruesome the better.  The Brothers Grimm and their tales have quite a history in themselves, for an interesting read look them up on Wickipedia.

16 October 2012


Oh yes it is time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  Go visiting Sister Crafters around the globe and peek in on what they are doing... or even not doing.  Not doing is ok too, sometimes not doing is the best thing to be doing!  Do you look forward to not doing sometimes?

I wanted to do a few simple ornaments for my Halloween tree, these are images and chipboard from a Crafty Secrets Vintage Postcard Kit.  Got plans for something special, let's see if I get there LOL

I have a collection of mostly vintage exhibition or prize ribbons.  The DH found this one on Ebay.  It came with a note "2nd prize most original. Halloween 1956.  Tail coat-patched trousers-soup can hat".  The button says Oct 31,  Pumpkin Bowl, Halloween Hop, Anoka Minnesota "Halloween Capital of the World"

They did inspire me to do do some Halloween themed ribbons, still on my list to do more as the DD has the ones I initially did.

  I will be crafting Halloween right to the end!  Thanks for coming by!

14 October 2012


Another image from my vintage German picture blocks.  Puss n boots or maybe you know the story as Dick Whitington?  These old story pictures remind me of going to the Christmas pantomime with Bob's parents and our two little ones in Whiterock at the little theatre. Now we are the grandparents taking whomever is home for the holidays and their children to the pantomime.  

13 October 2012


Continuing with the perfect theme of Halloween all month and hosted by "Queen of Halloween" Kris Dickinson..this weeks' theme at Sunday Postcard Art  is Ravens.

I do not particularly like ravens.  Now I do know that it wasn't ravens in the movie "The Birds" but it could have been!  I watched that movie as many times as I possibly could as a child both fascinated and frightened at the same time.

The image is from a Victorian cabinet card of an unnamed actor portraying Whackford Speers.  I've always thought him the perfect Halloween fodder but this is the first time I have actually used him.  The raven is a TH die cut.


Do go and check out all of the fun!

9 October 2012


Whew!  Where did the week go?  It's Wednesday already and again!  LOL I've been off work since July and it just amazes me where the days go...and how I still don't seem to have that much time?

My work desk hasn't really changed that much since last week...sigh I still have just a little bit to do yet on my Candy Corn Tussie Mussies which really need to get into the mail this week!  Focus Sandi!

I did spend a bit of time putting together a "glitter station"!  Doesn't that sound fancy?  And organized!  I don't recall where I picked up the term but it's been in the back of my mind as something I NEEDED.   A few thrift store treasures and voila!  A couple of plated trays, cream pitcher, sugar (looks like a loving cup so of course I did..love it), an assortment of vintage glass salt n peppers.  I especially like the jam jar and spoon which I have filled with pink mica flakes - yum!  All of the bits were on "sale" at the thrift store which equates to almost free!

This will look fabulous displayed on the vintage cupboard I see in my future!

Do check out What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday for a chance to peek in on sister crafters around the globe!

8 October 2012


Another storybook image from a recent find, a set of vintage picture blocks.


May we all have family or friends to spend time with, blessings to count and creative freedom to nourish our souls.

7 October 2012


I originally created this card a couple of years ago as part of my DT work at "Pages In Time".   I happened across the challenge at "Take A Word"  this afternoon and immediately this card came to mind, the theme being "Balloons".  As I never entered this in a challenge, I don't think I am breaking the rules.  Someone will surely tell me if indeed I am!


A story book illustration from a vintage set of German picture blocks.   McLean and his little sister Olivia are going out as Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf for Halloween, I am certainly going to do something with this one!


This week's theme (with hostess Kris Dickinson and it is Halloween all month, yippee!) at Sunday Postcard Art is "By the Light of the Full Moon".   I had something entirely different in mind but when I came across this Heartwarming Vintage image (part of a vintage postcard kit) in my Halloween stash - perfect!  I adore the cat with his head bandaged LOL  What a great storytelling prompt with the grands.

I used a piece of black/orange Core'Dinations sanded back for the base some Orange Peel Stickles around the frame and a variety of GlitterRitz colours for highlights.  The main image and full moon stamp image came from the vintage postcard kit.   I kept looking at it thinking I should do more but there is something about the worn and faded look that seems just right as is.

This is only my second time entering a challenge at Sunday Postcard Art  , what a great way to get started doing some mail art on a regular basis!  Do check out the incredible inspiration you will find there!

6 October 2012


How about a storybook witch!  Perfect to my way of thinking.  This image is from a vintage set of German picture blocks.

5 October 2012


Having fun this morning finishing up the ornaments for the Candy Corn Tussie Mussies.  I have made more of the kitten ornaments but you have seen those. These "punkin faces" are die cuts created by my friend Heather.  The instructions for these (and some images) can be found at VINTAGE IMAGE CRAFT.  Scott and Martin of Vintage Image Crafts featured my Candy corn Tussie Mussies in their September newsletter and sent me a sweet card, certainly made my day!


I have a set of these cards though I am not really sure if they are meant to be a game or perhaps a learning tool.  These four I think are great for a Halloween  project or if you are up to it how about Day of the Dead!

3 October 2012


Found this new challenge blog ARTFUL TIMES!  The challenges are offered every two weeks (isn't that a fortnight in the UK?).  Do check them out, it is fun to be in on the beginning and as they are just starting you can easily do the visits to other participants!

This challenge is to produce a 4x6 postcard using alphabet letters and/or script.  I started with a kraft postcard which I sprayed with Tattered Angels Glimmer Spray/Mimosa, then using a Dylusions alpha stencil sprayed over the top of that with Tattered Angels Glimmer Spray/Black Gold.  The images are from Deviant Scrap, "Toil and Trouble" micro kit.  The title is a Tim Holtz stamp which I embossed in white.

I will use wide clear packing tape over the fronts of my postcards to ensure they survive the post as I do intend to send them out.  It's a great technique to use on any mailart.

2 October 2012


What's on your workdesk Wednesday!  Check it out!  How much fun can you have?  Easy, peasy and you get to check out what's going on around the globe!

While I adore these Candy Corn Tussie Mussies, I DETEST repeatedly making the same thing over and over.  Doing the craft fairs was torture for me because everyone wants the SAME thing!  Only making 8 of these, one for the families of each of our 4 children, the first one for me and 3 more for some special friends.

Even doing only 8, I still need to break up the sameness!  This is a decorator block I have redone with scrapbook papers a couple of times.  This time I am doing each side with images from Deviant Scrap.  This will make a great Halloween candle stand.

I dream of supreme organization but rarely actually get it done LOL  Love, love, love these!  Jewelry organizers on sale at Michael's for 80% off.  OMG OMG  I got three and have organized all of my inks!  Hanging up behind the door in a space I didn't use, cleared off a huge amount of workspace and it is much better being able to look through my inks this way instead of in stacks.  A+


Ms Zelda Fledermaus, librarian of the "Haunted Library" angered the spirits just once too many times with her continual shushing and hushing!  How else was a proper spirit to "Boo" properly?  Ms Zelda is now ensconced in the very gazing ball she spent so much time contemplating.  The spirits not being completely evil  however provided her some company, three (defanged) vampire bats for her to shush and hush to her heart's content for eternity.

A better picture of the bats!

Ms Zelda Fledermaus is an image from "Deviant Scrap", the Haunted Library micro kit, the bats are a gift from my friend Heather (so lifelike and scary up close and personal!).   The gazing ball is a flower display case which belonged to my grandmother and I am guessing dates from the 1950/1960s.

I am entering this project in the Sugar Creek Hollow Challenge #31 Things with Wings and at Make it  Monday!  


This one has to be a favourite!  The image comes from the "Buckets of Joy" vintage postcard posted previously and was converted to a gif (transparent background) file by my friend Heather.  Print the image onto the background of your choice.

Printed in a Canadian newspaper 1919

From a 1910 volume of "The Ladies Home Journal"


Our Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  Time for me to post a few images, I have a few more that are definitely meant for the US and I will post those in November.  As always click on the image and save the second larger image for best resolution.

German 1911

An Ellen Clapsaddle!