2 October 2012


What's on your workdesk Wednesday!  Check it out!  How much fun can you have?  Easy, peasy and you get to check out what's going on around the globe!

While I adore these Candy Corn Tussie Mussies, I DETEST repeatedly making the same thing over and over.  Doing the craft fairs was torture for me because everyone wants the SAME thing!  Only making 8 of these, one for the families of each of our 4 children, the first one for me and 3 more for some special friends.

Even doing only 8, I still need to break up the sameness!  This is a decorator block I have redone with scrapbook papers a couple of times.  This time I am doing each side with images from Deviant Scrap.  This will make a great Halloween candle stand.

I dream of supreme organization but rarely actually get it done LOL  Love, love, love these!  Jewelry organizers on sale at Michael's for 80% off.  OMG OMG  I got three and have organized all of my inks!  Hanging up behind the door in a space I didn't use, cleared off a huge amount of workspace and it is much better being able to look through my inks this way instead of in stacks.  A+


  1. Love your Halloween makes, very spookylicious! Thank you for visiting my desk and have a fabulous week xx #113

  2. What a beautiful way to display your inks--love it!! Your Halloween creations are so pretty too--I agree, I hate making the same thing over and over again, like a factory. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh at #99

  3. Love your Halloween candle stand what a great idea. Your inks look perfectly organised now.
    Happy WOYWW.
    hugs {brenda} xox #134

  4. My word, A+ indeed, they are a genius idea Sandi, wow, what a lightbulb moment you had at the store! I'm the same with repeat work...I've stopped wedding stationery and such for that reason, to coin a very British phrase...it does my head in!!!

  5. such a lovely way to store inks- I'd not want to disturb the order! love your little baskets- you must have oodles of patience!!

  6. Ooo! I love your ink storage solution! So easy to find the one you want!
    As for repeated work - I did 4 weddings last year (friends and family weddings so for free!) and have decided that I'm not doing any more! I was (and still am!) sick of the sight of them!

    Thanks for the visit and happy WOYWW!

  7. Great idea for using those organizers for ink pads. I have one but was using it for other craft items and now it's sitting empty. But that's an idea....Brigita #112

  8. Sandi, I love your blog, you have beautiful images here! What a great idea about the inks storage, I always struggle with mine, constantly rearranging them in a basket. I'm following you now! Barb

  9. They may have been tedious, but those candy corn whatchacallems are sooo darling!!! And what a clever use for the jewelry organizer - good job!! Thanks for visiting me! Darnell #145

  10. maybe monotonous but well worth it--those cones are adorable. I did the same thing with my inks. So much better!


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