21 March 2012


I am so missing time in my ``studio``!  Is it too much to start calling the room in which I stash (sort, reorganize and dream over) all of my supplies and actually create in.. my studio..hmm  I am away from home for work so often that I really do try and make the most of where ever I am..so in quite a contrast from my previous post here is the view from my hotel window this week.  Modern and beautiful in it`s own way.


  1. Looks like you will have to resort to retail therapy! That's the only way to chase away those blues! Wish I was in Vancouver, can't find any beige and white fleece in town!

  2. Looks a bit scary with all of those giant buildings! Hope you are soon back home! Valerie

  3. Oh, what a view! I have been to Vancouver once but did NOT have enought time in the city...only one day! I went up in the needle (or whatever they call it) and watched float planes land in the harbor. We saw the steam clock and went shopping. I LOVE the ROOTS store :)

  4. I've been once, too, it's a lovely place. I remember when we went there were large whale sculptures placed around downtown, all painted and decorated in different ways by local artists. It was really cool!
    Hope you are finding time to create this weekend :)


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