16 February 2010


In early March our daughter Allison will have our 8th grandchild (her third).  Holy doodle!  So of course that has me thinking about yet more "paper possibilities".  I had been teaching a series of baby layouts at Scrapers' Anonymous but then had an unexpected hiatus from teaching. (Back soon though.)

I've some layouts to share with you from grandchild #7.  I actually hadn't thought of numbering them until just now, so far at least I can still remember all their names!

The title is "New Chick in the Nest".   Of course "girl chicks" get a flowered nest!  I really never progressed with quilting - loved the choosing of colors and fabrics, piecing by machine but not the actual hand quilting.   I showed my step-mom Toni how to do log cabin strip quilting by machine - she then dived into quilting and has done some stunning work.  We consider ourselves lucky to have been gifted with some.  However the quilting influence is obvious in these layouts.

The bird is an acrylic piece which has paper adhered underneath, I drew in "feathers etc", edged the piece with a gold paint pen and then used a white paint pen on top of that to do faux stitching.  Cut up some brown patterned paper to look like a branch, used fiber paper leaves drew on a bit of detail and added Prima flowers to build the nest. These papers were again one of the monthly contest kits from Scrapers' Anonymous.

Here I took the same layout, changed the colors, corners and embellishments to do a layout featuring Lucys' brother.  I use my 3" wide acrylic ruler (with 1/8 grid lines) that I used for quilting to do scrapping.  And I use my self-healing mat to work on - love that double duty!  For layouts like these the ruler saves a lot of frustration and re-cutting.

If you want to try this layout;  the corners are 3" x 3", the rectangles are 3" x 6" which leaves the center block 6" x 6".  Repeat your elements in each corner.  Send me a photo of your layout and I will post it!  Have fun.

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  1. How's the baby book for grandbaby #8 coming??? Am hopig I'll just have to fill in the picture blanks, since you are SO good at the layouts!


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