20 February 2010


I've been quite taken with the theme of fortunes recently, the inspiration for this came about from a visit to RubyDog's Art House (http://www.rubydogonline.com/) in Vancouver BC.  RubyDog's is a unique shop full of all manner of  "wonderful bits" (new and vintage, so you know this has my attention) for altered art, collage etc. 

The "wonderful bits" in this case are a packet of fortune cards from the old fashioned "weigh yourself and get a fortune" machines.  There is often a fortune teller of some sort in the top of the best machines.  I have never seen one except in a museum but what fun! 

The next bit of thought on the theme coming to my mind (as opposed to what might come to yours!) was not "good fortune" but "misfortune", which likely says something about my twisted sense of fun.  And yes I did an evil laugh coming up with the "misfortunes", the ones above being a few of my favourites!

If this is a theme that interests you do visit the Skeptical Museum of the Paranormal at http://www.skeptiseum.org/  This site is both educational and entertaining.  Lots there to keep this theme going!

Comment on this post over the next two weeks and on March 5th I will do a draw for a packet of eight "Daily Fortune" cards.  

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