9 February 2010


Here you go..a couple more copies of my own stash of vintage Valentines.    Don't forget to click on the image and then save the larger image.  That way you get a good resolution to work with.

Though you can't really see it, the "fellow" in the stew is holding a bit of fabric in his up-raised hand.  I'm guessing that he is meant to be wiping his face with a napkin.   If you are going to recreate this one as a Valentine, it would be easy to cut a small slit and tuck a bit of lace in.

How cute is this guy?  In "real life" he has articulated arms and legs.  He could be a bit scary looking?  I think this face will be doing double duty on a Halloween project.

There is still time for me to share a few more vintage images before the 14th.  If you have the time leave a comment letting me know what you will be doing with these.  Enjoy!

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  1. thanks Sandy, that stew valentine is so appropriate for me to give my guy, he just made a pot of stew today, what a coincidence!
    Love your blog, I'm impressed (although you've always impressed me!)
    .......Joanne D.


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