17 February 2010


So maybe you have at the most a couple of hours to put together a gift or you are suddenly overcome with the need to delve into the scrap and leftover box and actually use some - then this is the project for you!   This structure was inspired by a project at http://www.scarletlime.com/  some time ago.  I've provided two examples using the same papers as the base.

Brads, buttons and ribbons and lots of bling - pearls, glitter and flowers! Bling – you make my heart sing!  Got two pearls of this, one flower like that and three pieces of short ribbons - use them here!
Simple enough for a beginner but still enough variety and flexibility for the experienced scrapper to enjoy and be challenged.  With two pockets for tags and at least six pages for pictures, it’s easy to make this about what or whom ever you like. The structure of this one lends itself to using those “bits and pieces” of pictures you really didn’t want to let go of.  I often punch out bits of pictures to use later - particularly if the entire picture isn't one I will use.

If you want detailed instructions for creating this cutie contact me and I will send them electronically.  If you are a brave one - start by cutting one 12" x 12" double-sided cardstock into thirds.  Fold each in half lengthwise- with one "mountain fold" going the opposite way.  Set the two with the same folds up on their sides (as in this picture) into a "W".  The third piece is behind the 2nd and 3rd pages.  Adhere this at the sides and bottoms, leave the tops for "pockets". 

If you are really challenged for time or want to make this a micro mini album just use two of the "thirds" - with one pocket.  Send me photos of your own versions of this and I will post them.  Have fun!


  1. What? Too complicated for me, maybe you'll just make me one instead :) Afterall the Luce does need her own mini-album. Do you have ones ready for the kids? Did you remember that you brought one for Mac when Lucy was born? The one that got washed by my mil and peed on by my son! Perhaps this time we can take a bit better care of them, although 'Who said...?' is still a fave of Mac.

  2. Also, I checked out the link to Scarlet Lime and I LOVE their January Project, the hearts all int he circles on the cover....you have to do that one!


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