8 November 2012


No they really aren't "my" family!  These images are from Michelle of  Digital Collage Sheets.  Fell head over heals for this set LOL  I just couldn't resist playing on the sober expressions.  I have some special plans yet for "Granny Mary Merry"!   Still working on producing a pile of tags for our girls, so keeping these simple - Stickles, dimensional embellishments and a bit of crinkled ribbon!


  1. Thanks for the lovely surprise...just noticed that you were following me! I read your bio...I'm on in the Lower Mainland...and I see we have similar backgrounds My recently retired husband and I are former local presidents...he went on much higher and has been retired just 4 weeks.
    My eldest daughter and I have volunteered at various campaign offices!
    Just here to find your followers button as I will follow you back. I'm not as into vintage as you, but do appreciate certain aspects.

    I look for anything old about the CNR (Granfather built the rails at Hells Gate and CPR (all my family are engineers, conductors, dispatchers, operators etc.

  2. I love your tags Sandi! Those images are great!

  3. I do love that grumpy Santa... made me smile...xx


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