18 November 2012


A few weeks ago the DH came home with some vintage paper pieces for me.  They are all of Dutch origin and I'm fairly certain date to the early 1950s.  These included some Christmas themed cones.

My friend Heather has once again worked her special magic and erased the "wear and tear" from one of the cones and created several sizes of the image.  I am delighted to share these with you. Remember to click on the image and then save the larger image for best resolution.   These are gif files and will print out exactly as you see them.  For durability print them out on a heavy paper, using double sided tape on the white edge to hold them together.

If you want to get some ideas and see this at it's best, Heather has used the cone for a Really Reasonable Ribbon design team project which she has posted today.   And oh it is sweet!   The perfect name has been used for Really Reasonable Ribbon check out all the possibilities!


  1. Thank you so much Sandi.. for sharing this beautiful vintage cone.... Hugs May x x x

  2. great cone! Thanks for sharing! I saw what Heather made with it--lovely!


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