4 January 2014


Life has really changed for me in the last year, I struggled with leaving my career for health reasons and I have had to make my health the first priority.   It took me awhile but I have accepted that this new life is what it is and it is time to move on gracefully.  

Accepting Heather's offer to be a member of  her design team (My Artistic Adventures Challenges) fits well into the rather vague ideas  I have had in the last while.  I am going to start the year by trying to; get back into creating in an organized way, reconnecting with other creative souls, making use of the incredible stash I have collected over the years and get back to creating Christmas throughout the year. 

One of the best pieces of advice I have read is to create more than one piece at at time by using the leftovers of the project you have just completed.  Like most of you I am sure, I save all the bits and bobs ...for years and often don't get back to them.

I used two copies of the Hugs and Pooches collage sheet to create my Valentine Spoolie so I had a fair amount of material to work with.  I found the pink stripped tag, card stock and patterned paper in my scrap box.  I purposefully looked for small pieces of trim and ribbon to use.  The last piece of music background I punched into small hearts which I will use on the back and inside of the pieces and the envelope.

I have often given the advice "start as you mean to continue"...taking my own advice.


  1. Love these gorgeous creations Sandi!!! Look forward to your creations in 2014 - you always make the "niftiest" things!!!

  2. These are lovely and what a great way of dealing with the leftovers.

  3. These are darling! Love all the delightful embellishments, especially the feathers and the pop of yellow in the ribbon on the tag, plus how you edged the hearts either with glitter or Perfect Pearls (?). So lusciously Valentine-y!

  4. Great use of the snippets!
    Sorry to hear about your retiring for health reasons. I had to do the same and completely understand about health comes first.
    Had a bit of a flare from decorating the tree...wrapping and unwrapping the decorations put my hands into a flare. Have some cards made but was too sore to type my blog post and hold the camera steady.
    A bit better now.. so hope to post tomorrow.
    Congratulations on the design team and your project today is really pretty.


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