10 August 2014


A group of us enrolled in Christie Tomlinson's "The Art Society" have joined together and had several swaps.  One of our earlier swaps was sharing information about where we live through post cards, maps etc. From the beginning I thought this was perfect for putting together a a paper bag album.

I have put together a simple album; allowing two "pages" for each "hometown".  The first is covered with plain card stock featuring a postcard, the second is covered with a piece of the map.  I have put any extra brochures card etc into the paper bag for creating additional embellishment later.

The front and back covers I have done "art journal" style i.e. lots of layering with paint, stencils, paint pens and my (now) stock white and black doodle pens.  I have created the background on canvas paper, I love the additional texture it provides and the feel of it...more like a real bound book.  The title sits atop a label made from the underpaper I worked on.  Tip:  I have learnt to scan my original artwork backgrounds for printing out and using on projects later, making the most of my efforts.


  1. This is beautiful, the covers have turned out really well. I love my black and white doodle pens, too! Valerie

  2. Fun way to enjoy sharing art through swaps. Creative Bliss...


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