1 May 2012


This Vintage Dragonfly swap requires altering 5 cartes de visite,  small portraits from the late 1800's which are approximately 4 x 2.5.  We will receive back 5 bound in a small book.  While I know some are going to be quite brave, I really couldn't REALLY change them!  So I have prettied them up a bit and created a small narrative for each one.  Ok here is the very bad part - my photo taking skills!  No time to keep trying I must get these in the post today!

I used a G45 small print in a soft brownish maroon as the background, punched out frames which I outlined with gold Liquid Pearls, some pictures got a bit of colour with an alcohol marker, each got a mulberry paper rose and other bits from my stash.  I incorporated names and dates where they were noted on the back of the CDVs.  Several really were from the same family.

"1862 - Mrs. French with infant #1.  She never looked so rested again."

"1862 - Baby Bessie French walking at barely 9 months old!  Mrs. French has just produced a set of twin brothers!  Busy household day and night."

"1878 -  Dressed up and dangerous!  Those French boys and their pranks.  They just had no boundaries."

"Even as a baby, Hortense had a way of looking at you.  A look that made you feel uncomfortable. hortense lived a long and solitary life."

"1865 - Pansy just won her first certificate for writing.  Mother was so pleased.  Pansy got new blue hair ribbons."


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