8 April 2010


Do you love this!  I purchased several of Crafty Secrets' Vintage Postcard kits which include a themed stamp set for doing the backs of the kit cards.  Now I'm searching out and looking at the backs of vintage postcards and not just the fronts.  (Ok so there are many who collect vintage postcards and find the messages interesting - frankly I haven't found too many that are much more than "miss you" or "wish you were here" even at the turn of the century when written correspondence was actually done!)  I need a small beaver stamp now to  create my own version.   Once I'm home long enough to go through them, I will look through my stash for an American card back to share.

Bob and I spent an afternoon at a local antique and collectible show last weekend which is where I found this postcard.  The front of the card is of Hatley Castle which is in my neighborhood.

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  1. Love your postcard back. I have never seen that before.


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