24 March 2010


A couple of  "scrap sisters" asked me about resources for vintage images.  You may be well aware of all of these but if not you will find a goldmine!  Please, please read the copyright or angel policies on each site.  Go check 'em out!

http://www.scrapologie.blogs.com/  "Runs with glitter" OMG how can you not love this site?   Loads - I mean LOADS - of free vintage images!  See the right hand menu, scroll down and you will see vintage images listed by categorie.  That kind of organization just makes my heart go pitter, patter.

http://e-vint.com/  -Everything Vintage.  This site offers a free monthly image and do search the site out there is more free to be found there.  Victorian and Edwardian to your heart's content.

http://stephanieboman.blogspot.com/   Scroll down her posts to find her free offerings.  She is recooperating from surgery and has asked for swaps.   How about a visit there!  How sweet would it be to have her receive a bonanza of swaps she wasn't expecting?

http://moonlightjourney.com/  Artistic Collage Sheets  There are several freebies to get you started.  This is a well established, lovely site.  (Thanks Robin!)

http://whymsicalmusings.blogspot.com/ A "sister" site to the one above.  Just scrolling down the first page will have you delighted.  I'm going back to spend some time here.

http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/  Over 1,000 pieces of free clip art.  This site has a huge following and offers a wide variety of activities, links etc.  Go and have fun!

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