7 March 2010


Clockwise from the upper centre; "travel/postal tag theme" by Angie Miller.  Of course the vintage look of this one made me go "woo hoo"! 
The bathing beauty with "live appropriately" text in the background by Nancy Longphee, everything just "works" on this one, can you see the textured and colored   background?
Tiger theme by Kay Zywicki, that will be a theme for this year certainly.  I just met Kay and she let me go wild making choices from her trade album!
"Artful Me" by Kelly Burton.  To see a better picture (my photo doesn't capture the subtle colors, details of any of these today) go to Kelly's blog  "Artsy Visions" on my link list and of course check out her wonderful work! 
If you would like to trade with anyone here, contact me and I will pass your information on. 

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