25 September 2012


Early vintage halloween magazine images are hard to come by.  I put away a 1910 page from a "Ladies Home Journal" sometime ago unsure what to do with it.  Each  volume featured a page focused on entertaining, these typically included table setting, menu and theme ideas.  Went looking for it and managed to tear it!  Easy decision now, use the images to make a vintage Halloween gluebook page.  For some authenticity I have used only vintage images including the sheet music background and glue - the same supplies that would have been used in the day.  No glitter, no modern embellishments, no inking or stamping!  This will go into a Victorian scrapbook I have been making similar pages for.  The page size is 8 x 11, I have left a one inch margin on the left where the page will be punched to add to my scrapbook.  If you click for the larger image I am sure you can read the menus.  None of these tables would be out of place now except the suggested price of the decorations and menu items at $9.00 for up to 12 people LOL

I am linking this up to the September challenge at  Unruly PaperArts - gluebook pages.

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  1. Very neat Halloween images! I've never tired doing a Glue Book. I bet it's fun! I'll have to give it a try someday. Thanks for sharing!
    Erica :)


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