27 September 2012


Haven't done any pages for ages LOL  Nothing too complicated and oh I am happy to see a less fussy style becoming the trend.  Inspired from within the latest copy of "Scrapbooking and Beyond" and an autumn themed pad of paper from K&C0.  These are from a trip to the Sunshine Coast for Thanksgiving 2010 to visit one of our daughters and family.

A visit to the pumpkin farm of course!  McLean had no trouble picking his pumpkin.  Tried to keep any girlie frill to a minimum...pods don't count as flowers right?

Baby Olivia enjoyed the day too.


  1. Baby Olivia is a doll! The LOs are fab...love the colors and page arrangement, Sandi. I tend to make 'cleaner' pages and have to force myself to add more 'stuff'--lol

  2. Stealing the O pages for her baby book. Need to get on the G created book for her. So next time there will be a raid:). Good job, G!

  3. I'm with you, Sandi, on the less fussy trend. Your pages are stunning. You're motivating me to get back to scrapping.


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