18 November 2010


The Tags and Things group at Pages In Time had a Vintage Bookmark Swap earlier this fall.  It is so interesting to see all of our different takes on this project.  This first sweetie is from Carrie Taylor along with the card she sent it in. I love how the image just peeks out.  The butterfly is such a truly Victorian bit to add on.  And Carrie I am "lifting" your card design!  Carrie is working on a blog I will post her link soon! (Get going girl!)

My second bookmark is by Sandy Ang.  Oh so Belle Epoch - and Sandy claims she doesn't do vintage. The feathery fibers are perfect for the theme.  Sandy also created a "cradle" of sorts inside of the card for the bookmark to nest in.  Another card to "lift".   Do check out her blog for amazing inspiration.

The bookmarks I did:  Vintage Movie Theme (see posting of October 4/10 for details) which went to Sandy

And "See Spot Run" which went to Carrie.


  1. I love seeing the variety...beautiful bookmarks!

  2. You're just fantastic at PIT ! Wouldn't have tried out for the swap if not for your supportive comments and encouragement. So glad to have you as a friend.

  3. These are all wonderful--coming and going in the swap!


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