23 November 2015

Holiday Pocket Letters

Are you doing "Pocket Letters" yet?  I just recently discovered them and of course I'm in full production :)  "Pocket Letters" are a mix of pen pal and artsy/crafty fun.  Check out Janette Lane's tutorials and her  "Pocket Letter Pals"  site.

Here are a few that I have done for swaps.

"Santa" - the front, all of the pockets are full of embellishments for my swap partner to use, the banner is attached to the outside,

and the back pockets which I have filled with vintage image gifts tags and and attached envelope I made for the "letter".

I like to make a custom box for the folded "Pocket Letter".

"Krafty Christmas" - the front, again filled with an assortment of embellishments, a banner attached across the top (pop dots)

and the back pockets.  Here I used a single sheet of paper that I have simply cut and and left in order to recreate the "scene".  Again an envelope is attached to hold the "letter".

A custom box to contain the letter.  Do a Youtube search to find several variations on creating the box.

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