10 August 2015


We have had a white and gold, large oval mirror for a number of years, it came from Bob's mum.  It's been in the back of my mind for years to give it some colour.  This was so easy!  It literally only took a few minutes with little drying time.  And I LOVE it!

You can see the original finish, I'm using Annie Sloan's "Antibes" in a thin wash over the top of the original finish.  No prep except to dust it off!

Yes I had a moment!  But I knew I could change it up if this turned out bad :)

On goes the "Dark" wax (Annie Sloan) with my wax brush barely moist with paint thinner, I call this a wax wash.  It is so easy to take this down with a soft cloth and repeat until you get the look that speaks to you!

I rubbed and buffed the wax wash and it was finished.  I'm tickled with the outcome!  The colours and textures bring to mind "Art Nouveau".

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