3 July 2014


I am often amazed when I think about the paths I have taken and crossed in my art journey and where they have led.  And the friends I have met!  Journey is a bit of a buzz word in our community but it "oh so fits".  In the new year I was looking to change things up and joined Christy Tomlinson's "The Art Society".  Christy had  set up a Facebook group for the members, from there a swap group started.  Most of the swap group members were also members of the "Documented Life Project" facilitated by the "Art to the 5th" group which also had a Facebook group.  In that group I found a Mail Art swap group.  Now I am spending a good deal of my art time on a completely different path.   The latest leg of this journey is the course "Create It, Mail It, Alter It" offered by "Art to the 5th".

The front of my first piece from Sandi Keene's module in the workshop

and the back

I'm sending this one off to a crafty friend here in Victoria, I am anxious to hear what condition it might arrive in.  Thanks for having a look.

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