5 December 2012


Where did the last week go!  Oh my it is Wednesday and time for "What's on your workdesk Wednesday"!   Interested in seeing what is going on in craft rooms around the globe?  Well go and check it out at Ms Julia's Stamping Ground

Can't believe that it completely slipped my mind, sat down to do some visiting and there it is.  Early evening lighting doesn't make a great picture but then my skills don't either!

My desk doesn't really look like it but I have been crafting, crafting, crafting this week.  A crop on Saturday and I have finished four of my Candy Cane Cones, a Music Sheet Medallion and I am working on some tiny alpine houses for doing snowscapes.

Right now I am working on setting up this snowscape, I will include bottle brush trees and a glittery covered reindeer.  That is if I can find the reindeer, I am thinking he doesn't want to be covered in glitter...bah!  That's just the way it is once I find him...no time now for dithering or dickering.  I will make some tags to hang from the lid along with a few green and red ribbons.  So short, sweet and late, I will try and make it 'round to see you!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the finished snow globe!!!

  2. oh I love the snow globe idea can't wait to see what they look like when you're all finished thanks for sharing Peg

  3. Love how you put Christmas in a jar! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Snow globe will be lovely. I spy a tote too. I have a similar one which goes with me to stamp club.

    Thanks for popping by


  5. I love your jar... what a wonderful idea to create a snow globe with it - already looking beautiful, can't wait to see the finished thing! Thanks so much for your visit and happy WOYWW (belatedly!)...
    Alison x

  6. Charming snowscape, I hope you'll show the finished one, Sandi!

    (You are right, i could use some time to breathe this week . . . thank you for stopping by this woyww, I appreciate your visit--I hope you're enjoying the newest UPA issue, I need to go see what the latest column is!)

    #100 this week
    and making my woyww rounds a little late!

  7. Very cute idea, Sandi! I don't believe I've ever seen a handmade snowglobe and it is just adorable! Thanks for coming by to see me. I got a chuckle out of your machine addiction journey!! Darnell

  8. ooh, that winter scene looks good so far. I'm sure the finished product will be fab!! Brigita #98

  9. Your desk is immaculate compared to mine! LOL I will have to tidy it up a bit before I can join WOW Wed's.... I love the idea of the scene and the bottle brush...and adding glitz to your reindeer! I look forward to seeing your finished project!

  10. Tsk tsk, silly reindeer. I hope he's showed up by now. It's not as if he's going to be crushed or anything, he ought to man up (deer up? stag up?) and face his glittery fate!

  11. That is a really neat idea to create a snowscape in that container...looks to be a perfect size for getting quite a scene in. :) I was about to say I don't know what bottle brush tree means but then I figured it out! Silly me! Hope you have had a fun peek around at all the desks you could get to...thanks for sharing yours. :) Deeyll #122

  12. Sandi, so glad you stumbled by! My head has been spinning with turquoise and red, and with making little scenes in glass jars. And now I find some great examples on your blog. Happy happy.



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