17 February 2012


On my "must do" list for some time has been to take one of Nancy Maxwell Jame's  courses.  Yahoo!  What a great experience it has been.  Even though I haven't been home long enough to even start all of the projects, sharing and getting to know some different crafter's has been inspiring and all done in the warm, encouraging and comforting environment of a PaperWhimsey forum.

Hearts cut from the quilted border of a hanging long past it's prime (Toni, you know I take care of all the quilted pieces you have done for me!), backed with some sweet red and white dotted fabrics, bits of vintage doily and vintage white buttons layered on top and then strung together with lots of shimmery red organza ribbon!     This one is going to stay up all year long!


  1. I just love your heart banner! What a stunning use of quilted fabic and trims! Happy Saturday!

  2. It's so pretty, and so many wonderful bits and pieces brought together! I would leave it up all year, too! :)



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