14 February 2012


As said by someone "events conspired against me"!  Just wanted to wish all of you a very sweet Valentine's Day.    I don't consider the day only for those in love or part of a couple but also a day for me to remember my friends.    This year especially;  Cheryl F who continues to win the battle against cancer, Deb a childhood friend who faces a long surgical recovery with mostly good cheer, Darlene and Cheryl J who have kept me going through any number of bumps,  my two crafting buddies Marilyn and Marlene who are still my friends even though I am away weeks at a time and hardly connect and all of my bloggy followers and friends but especially Helene who always makes me feel talented, Valerie who always makes me laugh and Scarlett whose bravery touches me deeply. 

I am blessed to have a great number of special women in my life, the most important of course my daughter Allison.  Independent, smart, creative, loyal, the mother of four children and she still has a wicked sense of humour.  

My Valentine to all of you!  An ATC sized shadow box in which I used REAL vintage German Scrap!


  1. Aaww, what a sweet project! HAPPY <3 Day~

  2. I love my present Sandi! When can I pick it up? You are the queen of these sweet little shadow boxes! Hope you had a good day, Marilyn xoxox

  3. What a wonderful way to express your Valentine thoughts :)
    I really love your "assemblage", It is so well composed. Quite beautiful, always a pleasure to look at.

  4. How sweet is this! Love the shadow box effect dear.

  5. This is soooooo sweet! Thanks for being my valentine! Here's to a good day of crafting together sometime.


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