7 December 2010


I received this award from my Australian friend Kelly at "Craft Until Your Heart's Content".  I think I came across Kelly on one of the challenge sites, when I checked out her blog she was a new blogger and I signed up as a follower.  Being a new blogger myself I knew how exciting it was to check in and find a new and unexpected follower!  Someone unknown to comment on your projects and encourage you. 

Ok a few (8) things about myself which Kelly tells me is part of this:

1.  I was born in San Antonio, Texas and grew up in  Chehalis, Washington. I moved to Canada in 1972.

2.  I graduated from highschool in 1972 - you figure out my age!

3.  Bob and I got married in Coeur d`Alene, Idaho in 1976.

4.  Between us we have 4 children, 4 children-in-law and 8 grandchildren! Six of those are 5 and under!

5.  I have always loved to read - fiction please!  You could always find me with my nose in a book as a child.

6.  I won the ``Betty Crocker Homemaker Award`` in my senior year of high school. 

7.  My mom was an ``antiquer`` and had a small shop in our home when I was a child.  I have always collected things   -     many things!  Since becoming a papercrafter it is vintage ephemera which I love to share on my blog.

8.  I try in both my work and art to share what I have learned and give the same encouragment that I have  received.  

I haven`t asked ahead and I know some bloggers don`t accept awards and if not that is fine but you will know that I value what you are doing.  Some of you are new to blogging and I hope this will keep you going.

     Robin - who got me set-up and going as a blogger in the first place!  Thank you Robin and Marianne for the continual encouragement.  These two make the most incredible cards.  Another couple of genuinely kind and caring crafters.    
     Helene Huber - who I stumbled across in a blog hop for Pages In Time and  immediately connected with her and fell in love with her art work.    She kept me interested in staying around at Pages In Time.

     Sandy Ang - who creates absolutely stunning and wonderous pieces.  And takes little or no credit for doing so.

     Marilyn - who I met through joining a local ATC trading group.  She is wicked fun! One of my friends who really helped me get through months of less mobility and being generally housebound.

     Susie Jefferson  - who created the current  background and new set up on my blog.  A very talented artist who is so patient and generous with her time.  New bloggers head to Susie she has lots of information for you on her blog.    
     Shawn - who has an incredible, distinctive style which is very new and fresh looking.  Keep an eye on her.  

    Maggie - who is so genuinely warm, kind and encouraging in addition to creating lovely papercrafting projects.

     Starr - another beginner blogger who has made a great start and is also new to the Design Team at Pages In Time.  

Some of you are just beginning and struggling with your blogs, take this now and pass it out at the time it fits for you.   


  1. CONGRATS, Sandi! You deserve it! Thank you for your help in basic 'blogology'!!~LOL~ You are a bright spot in my day :D

  2. Congrats on the award Sandi - very well deserved! Those are really lovely comments you have made Take care Polly x

  3. Oh sweet Sandi, Congratulations to a well deserved award. Thanks so much for your kind words and support to a newbie!

  4. Congrats on an absolutely well-deserved award !! In turn I want to say, I am so glad to have found you on PIT as you are a totally rockin' sort of blog pal.
    And your mention has really made my day.


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