19 December 2010

The 7th, 8th and 9th Days of Christmas! - ATCs

Seven Swans Swimming - ATC Artist is Karla  (I just don't have the skills to photo this one well - it is really lovely and you can't tell! Do go check out her blog.)

Eight Maid's A Milking - ATC Artist is Marlene Letendre (a friend from Victoria)

Nine Drummers Drumming - ATC Artist is ME!  Like Angela I love saying "Artist!"


  1. I love all the cards! I want to know what you used to get the heavy embossed effect on your card. It is lovely and I want to duplicate this look on my cards next year. Great work.

  2. I am showcasing your card today!!! Hope you stop by - your blog is absolutely incredible!!!
    merry everyday 2011!


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