28 August 2010


This is a tab top (the tab is broken off) tin pin.  Do you remember getting one of these from a park ranger?   We also had Smokey as part of our school programs. 

This one is a sticker.  I've not resized the images so if you want to use them you should get a pretty decent print.   The next one is a stamp or sticker, I've left enough room for you to cut it out with stamp edged scissors.

How about a book mark?  He is marked from the
US Department of Agriculture-Forest Service and Your State Forester.    Ok I have to comment - do you have State Foresters, here in BC we certainly don't have enough Forest Service staff, is it different anywhere else?  All of the focus on the environment and we aren't looking after what resources we have?

Despite my rant (really just a mini-rant) these are perfect images if you are creating scrap layouts or even a mini album with a camping theme.  The DH came up with these and I'm inspired to dig up pictures of both of us on family camping trips. 

Don't forget to click on the image and then save the larger one for the best resolution.  Enjoy!

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