7 December 2013


I took a chalk painting techniques class in August and have been doing a number of small projects to hone my skills before tackling anything major.  I fell in love with the Annie Sloan "Barcelona Orange" which fits perfectly in my bedroom with all of it's fall colours.  I use this small telephone as a nightstand.

You really don't need to sand with the Annie Sloan paints but this was pretty chippy so I knocked off the really loose flakes first.  That first bit of colour looks a little scarey LOL

I painted two light coats and then dark waxed it.  It sat for a bit (several weeks) while I pondered, it wasn't really what I hoped for.  I used mineral spirits on a soft cloth and rubbed off the dark wax (yes I was amazed), applied another coat of paint which I rubbed down with a damp cloth for a distressed/washed look.  Sparingly a coat of dark wax which I also rubbed down and used to highlight the distressed areas.

The table now has a warm rich distressed finish which I am crazy for!

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