18 January 2012


It would have been my mom's 77th birthday this week, she has been gone for 8 years.  We didn't have an easy relationship, I realized lately that I still can't always talk about early years without crying.  But I do wish she would have been here longer.

Mom had few early pictures.  I think this one is quite sweet, she and her best friend Marie Zandecki (on the left) appeared to have spent some time at the fair.  I am guessing because of the hats.  You could still get similar hats at the fair when I was a child.   I haven't resized this photo, if you want to grab it please do.  I rather like that idea now though I hadn't thought of it when I started this post.  Maybe posting it is enough for me to be able to use it in a piece now.


  1. Bravo Sandi ... Such sweet sentiments in your heart and a good step forward towards healing the relationship with your mother... Thanks for sharing...Hugs

  2. Sweet picture Sandi. I believe we become who we are because of all the good and bad that brought us forward. Looks like you did well. Hugs, ~Diane

  3. Great photo, thanks for sharing! Valerie

  4. What a great old photo, and the hats are so cute! Love it!



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