11 November 2011

ECHOES OF SPRING - Vintage Gluebook Page, Green Paper Challenge November 2011

Well I missed the deadline (!) but this was still a fun page to do and I am quite happy with it.  I am taking Mary Green's "My Christmas Gluebook" on-line course and was inspired to practice doing gluebook pages using her November challenge. Check her site out if you aren't familiar with her work, a great place to find different vintage images and inspiration always!  After completing this page, I will go back and use the previous challenge images to create pages for a small Victorian 8x11 scrapbook from my stash.

The coloured images are from Mary's challenge image sheet.  The vintage (1945) wallpaper down the left side, the music sheet and cover (1921) are from my stash and are the originals. The wallpaper is quite a bit lighter IRL and about an inch on the left side is covered by the book binding so only the merest bit will actually show in the book.  I have taken Mary's advice to heart in actually using originals and as I learn her gluebook techniques really, really try to only use paper and glue.  I am determined not to use ink, stamps and other embellishments as I put together this Victorian Scrapbook for an authentic look.  But I am considering glitter..what about the German Glass Glitter?  Just saying.


  1. This is lovely, it will be such a treasure when you put it all together.

  2. I read her post about using the originals, very scary stuff! This is lovely Sandi, by the time I get around to doing my gluebook you will be an expert!

  3. Sandi this is so beautiful. I love the softness of this piece
    hugs June x


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