2 October 2011


It`s time for some new challenges at Bella Creations!  Why don't you join me in one of the groups I moderate, Celebrer la Fete, and have some fun making Halloween Crackers!

Here in Canada many of us follow the English tradition of having decorated  "crackers" at Christmas dinner.   These have paper poppers in them that you and someone sitting next to you pull, this sounds like the noise from a cap gun! They are typically filled with a tissue paper crown (which is worn throughout dinner), a riddle or joke, a small candy and gift.
Doing a Halloween version has been on my list for awhile.  I have taken the idea of a Halloween countdown and done seven.  Each one is filled with 3 tiny treats (keep it simple!) and are meant to be opened one every day on each of the 7 days before Halloween.  These are for my daughter`s three children who are 5, 3 and 18 months - I think winding them up towards Halloween for 7 days before is enough! 
I have used toilet paper tubes (these are 4 inches), sheets of crepe paper (cut 10 inches long and wrapped 3 times around for fullness), scraps of patterned paper (cut this a quarter inch or so short of 4 inches wide so it is not right on the edge of the tube) , narrow ribbons, Stickles, I made the rosettes using the Tim Holtz die and chipboard numbers.
I think these will look great in a big bowl!  As these are meant for children, I made them as simple as possible; no inking, inexpensive ribbons, scraps of paper and went for a mix of colours instead of trying to match everything up.
I am still using Christmas Crackers that I made with fabric about 15 years ago.  You can use tissue paper, gift wrap, fabric etc instead of crepe paper.  I know my daughter will let the kids open one end of these to tip out the candies and then they will be whipped out of sight and saved for next year!
Your challenge is to make at least one Halloween Cracker by October 31st.  The prize determined by draw will be a fall themed RAK from me.  Come along and have some fun with us!


  1. This are great Sandi! I've seen these lots of years ago and long forgot about them. What fun!

  2. Sandi these are great!! We really don't celebrate Halloween here but there are a few kids who trick or treat and these would make great "gifts" for them!!!

  3. Oh wow Sandi these are fabulous, such a wonderful idea. x

  4. These are so much fun!I just love the colors! Great project.

  5. Oh my gosh! Sandi, I want some! They are marveleous! Is there no end to your talent. Seriously, they are the best I've ever seen. I just have to give them a try!


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