8 September 2011

BOO BELLA! The September Challenges

I have changed up the groups I moderate at Bella Creations.  JINGLE BELLAS  is now Celebrer la Fete!  Instead of just Christmas our projects each month or two will focus on the upcoming holiday.  That is Halloween and Harvest themes for September and October.  There are currently two member challenges running for September.  You had to know that I would do a Halloween version of the schultuten - introducing BOOtuten!

Membership at Bella Creations is easy and free!  If you have never checked out one of the on-line crafting communities come and have a look!  Join me for some absolutely wicked Halloween crafting!


  1. I love these! They are so cute - we dont really celebrate Halloween here but there are a few kids that "Trick or Treat" & I am sure they would love one of these!

  2. I love the Halloween Tüten! Valerie

  3. These are sweet, are they filled with bon bons? If so, I want one, Marilyn

  4. I love these vintage cones! So beautiful.


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